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Global Corporate Counsel Services

Global Corporate Counsel Services

United States companies operating internationally and foreign companies coming to the United States face unfamiliar laws, rules, regulations, business practices and languages. JLH Group can help through our network that operates across countries and states and brings a strong understanding of international business issues. We provide companies operating globally on business and legal issues and how to protect their interests both in the United States and abroad.

JLH Group supports our clients wherever their business takes them, whether it is a U.S. company expanding overseas or a foreign company doing business in the U.S.  Our network permits us to work with trusted partners in all parts of the world.  

JLH Group has significant experience assisting our clients in a variety of international business transactions, including new company formation in the United States and abroad, cross-border mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, commercial contracts, licensing, negotiating multinational distribution, licensing and other transactions. JLH Group has a wide array of fee structures that may be tailored to suit each client’s needs. 

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