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Life Sciences and Biotechnology Law

Life Sciences and Biotechnology Law

Life sciences and biotechnology companies require specialized expertise in the laws, regulations, business, and transactions applicable and the various institutions that finance and support them, such as angel investors, private equity, venture capital and investment banking firms and medical research institutes.  We have experience working with companies that have both shorter and longer development cycles such as medical devices, vaccines and other unique technologies.  We also have experience with the regulatory issues and differences in the United States, Europe and the UK. 

The commercial success of these companies often depends on their ability to protect their intellectual property rights, to develop and commercialize their products in conformity with FDA and other regulatory requirements, to successfully raise financing from all available sources in both good and bad economic conditions, and to partner with larger companies in the industry to help bring their innovative products to the market. As a result, life sciences companies require significant legal expertise in the fields of intellectual property, government funding sources such as the Department of Defense, marketing compliance, licensing and collaborations, venture capital financings, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial agreements unique to the industry, such manufacturing, supply, distribution, and co-promotion agreements.

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